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All our lecturers and coaches are practising psychologists, psychotherapists and crisis interveners.

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Małgorzata Wypych, PhD

Managing Director of Mental Health Center, psychologist, psychological intervention and stress management specialist (International Critical Incident Stress Foundation). She attended numerous training courses devoted to cognitive-behavioural therapy, a solution focused therapy. Specialist in psychological support in organizations, academic teacher, scientific editor of the annual conference “Wsparcie psychologiczne w systemie ratunkowym”, TEDx speaker, author of over a dozen publications on psychology in emergency medicine.

She has 15 years of experience in academic teaching and 9 years as a specialist in psychological support in emergency medicine. She has conducted over 300 workshops on psychological crisis management and trained over 10,000 employees during trainings and lectures.

Marta Blaut

Psychologist, psychotherapist and sex therapist. She graduated in the field of Psychology from the Jagiellonian University. She specializes in individual psychotherapy for adults. At work, she values a psychodynamic approach. She completed a 2-year study on sociotherapy and interpersonal training, and a 4-year course of psychodynamic psychotherapy in Krakowskie Centrum Psychodynamiczne. She completed postgraduate studies in sexology at SWPS University.

She has almost 10 years of experience in both individual and team work. She gained clinical experience working in e.g. Neurosis Treatment Department in Łężkowice and Mental Health Centre in Klinika Krakowska. She also did an internship in the Psychotherapy Unit of the University Hospital in Kraków (in the Department of Neurosis and Behavioural Disorders Treatment). Currently she cooperates with KIP (Psychotherapy Institute in Kraków) and Empatia (Centre of Psychotherapy and Sexology).

Lena Czernecka

Business psychotherapist. She integrates the competences of a business coach, change facilitator and mental health expert with conducting psychotherapy and interpersonal courses, running Gestalt counselling school and the school of empathy communication coaches. Since 2001, she has been inspiring people to develop their abilities in the area of change, emotions, psychological resilience, personal effectiveness, empathetic communication and leadership. For 6 years, she was conducting anti-stress therapies for soldiers returning from deployment in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, as well as for Ministry of the Interior and Administration’s officials. She has worked as an internal trainer in outsourcing services, pharmaceutical industry, retail and IT.

She is a certified coach of the Polish Psychologist’s Association (2nd level), Matrik School for Coaches and Management Consultants, Wachlarz Kompetencji Trenerskich and Interpersonal Training School graduate. Concurrently, she was developing her competencies as a Gestalt psychotherapist in the Institute of Integral Psychotherapy and in the Gestalt Counselling Centre. Crisis intervener with the competence to conduct group and individual interventions (ICISF CERTIFICATE).

From 2006 to 2018 she was providing courses for IBM in Poland and from 2003 to 2020 she cooperated with Innogy, Inpost, Aptiv, UBC, Ailleron, Svarovski, Merck, Skanska, State Street Bank, Shell, BZWBK, Valeo, Luxoft, Aon-Hewitt, ABB,Loycon, Bim Point and many others. As a part of leadership training, she has trained over 5000 people in the financial, accounting, automotive and IT sectors. She implemented ESF projects for postgraduate students at the Jagiellonian University and University of Agriculture in Kraków. She created a project called Business Counsellors where, together with business practitioners, she supports companies which want to become turquoise organizations. She works with teams and executive cadres conducting webinars, coaching sessions and topical trainings in the field of leadership, change, emotions and mental health.

Gabriela Zajdel

Psychologist, crisis intervener, paramedic, cognitive-behavioural and dialectical-behaviour therapist. She gained her professional experience in Crisis Intervention Centres in Kraków and Radocza. She did numerous internships in clinical hospitals. She runs a private practice where she works with adults who deal with long-term problems and life crises. She is particularly interested in working with people in suicide crisis. She passes on her knowledge about prevention, recognition and crisis management during manager’s trainings and workshops.

Paulina Zielińska

Psychologist and psycho-oncologist. For years, she has been supporting people who struggle with the chronic disease crisis. Scientifically associated with Collegium Medicum of the the Jagiellonian University, where she conducts research on communication in medical treatment. She provides trainings for medical staff in the field of patient-centered communication and stress management.

Piotr Kiembłowski

Psychologist, psychotherapist and business coach. He graduated in the field of Psychology from the University of Warsaw (M.A. in 1995, Ph.D. in 2005). Since 2001, he has been an experienced consultant (Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, HR Strategy & Transformation Department) and a coach (House of Skills). Within his professional specialization, he has gained experience in activities related to development of managerial staff competencies (management, team building, communication, assertiveness, personal effectiveness, creativity and problem solving, situational leadership, stress management). He is experienced in conducting consulting projects e.g. assessment center, organizational culture research and preparation of periodic evaluation systems. He holds Extended Disc certification.

During 20 years of his work practice, he provided almost 1800 training days working for FMCG companies; telecommunication, automotive, construction and heavy industries; banks and insurance providers. He is an active psychotherapist (systemic therapy), who also specializes in crisis intervention and psychotraumatology (he works with people who lost their loved ones).

Anetta Mackiewicz

Psychologist with over 20 years of working experience and a certified crisis intervener of the Polish Psychologist’s Association. She works with people who experienced personal and work crises. She mainly supports people who suffered from loss (bereavement, trauma, mass disaster). For more than ten years, she has worked in the uniformed services and for several years she has been supporting people who work under pressure and go through psychological crisis. She also works as a coach and crisis intervention supervisor.

Justyna Bąba

Clinical psychologist, coach and psychotherapist undergoing certification training in the field of psychodynamic approach. Currently associated with SWPS University where, under an international grant, she conducts research on functioning of employees, well-being in the workplace and the effective leadership style. She conducts workshops in the area of better stress management and professional burnout.

Since 2016, she is a mentor in the Women Leadership in Business Foundation and has previously worked in business for 15 years as a manager and marketing strategist.

Tadeusz Reimus

Integrative psychotherapist, accredited coach of the International Coach Federation on a PPC level (Professional Certified Coach), psychologist and practising psychotherapist. He manages a mental health helpline (www.mhhelpline.com) and support teams.

He graduated in the fields of Philosophy and Psychology from the Jagiellonian University. He is a Tilburg University scholar. He has 18 years of experience in working with different organizations. He possess knowledge and skills of organising and implementing interventions, entitlement programmes and training policies.

Karla Orban

Psychologist with over 10 years of experience in working with children, families and adults. Currently working as a mediator and systemic therapist. She specializes in attachment-parenting, nonviolent communication and crisis interventions. Bilingual mother of three, whom she raises in three languages. She graduated from SWPS University in Wrocław (M.A. in Clinical Psychology). She studied English and Spanish philology. She is a systemic mediator, coach and a graduate of Agnieszka Stein’s course “Rodzicielstwo Bliskości dla Profesjonalistów”.

Originally, she was an ESL and early childhood education teacher. She is gaining psychological experience in the Lower Silesian Oncology Center in Wrocław; Counselling, Therapy and Psychological Support Centre for Foster Families and in the International Secondary School. She also worked as an IB psychology teacher.

Jakub Słowik

Psychologist and a graduate of the Jagiellonian University. He completed the study of Addiction Prevention and two-stage training on Solution Focused Therapy (SFBT). He uses this approach while working mostly with young people, students and teenager’s parents.

For 6 years, he has been running therapy groups, conducting consultations, psychological counselling and individual therapy. He works as a coach, conducts workshops, psychoeducational games for young people, lectures and trainings for adults, as well as workshops improving parenting skills.

In his daily work, he pays attention to the important challenges of the 21st century. He implements programmes for addiction prevention, enhancing social competence and youth empowerment. He is an ambassador of the international programme "SKILL IT - Digital Pathway for Youth" and a coach of the Counteracting Technological Aggression and Cyberbullying Among Youth programme. His professional interests include diagnosis and support of personality development, neurodiversity, emotional regulation, development difficulties, as well as behavioural and substance abuse. He complements his psychological work with neurobiology knowledge.

Zofia Sozańska - Alty

Psychologist, practicing psychotherapist in the mainstream of solution focused brief therapy (TSR). She completed the 1st and 2nd degree course in the field of solution focused brief therapy at the Solution Focused Psychotherapy Center, training in counteracting mobbing and discrimination, training in the Kids' Skills Method - Ladies and Gentlemen! and training in Non-Violent Communication, training in interpersonal skills and the basics of helping at the Gestalt Counseling Center and training in "Tools for the prevention of violence" - METIS Regional Methodological and Educational Center.

In her professional practice, she more and more often focuses on including the body in the healing process, and especially in developing the ability to deal with stress through the use of relaxation techniques and the method of conscious breathing.

Magdalena Ross

Psychologist, career counselor, trainer and facilitator, intercultural mediator. A psychologist with many years of work experience in the field of personnel management and professional development, for several years intensively dealing with individual development and assistance in personal crisis.

He works in an international environment, supports the processes of cultural adaptation and integration in the workplace. He devotes a lot of attention to the issues of discrimination, occupational burnout and stress, both in professional and private life. He works in Polish, English, French and Italian.

Completed the Personal Development Trainer course, the course of the Intercultural Mediator (ACLI), and the Facilitator (Council of Europe). He is currently in the course of integrative psychotherapy at the University of Strasbourg.

Michał Śmiałowski

A psychologist, psychotherapist and business trainer. He graduated from the 4-year Gestalt School of Psychotherapy and Group Training at the Institute of Integral Gestalt Psychotherapy. He is a graduate of numerous courses on the specifics of working with people in various psychological paradigms. He has 17 years of experience in working with people as a psychologist, psychotherapist and trainer. For many years he worked in the health care and crisis intervention. He conducted individual and couples psychotherapy, as well as therapeutic groups for adolescents and "young adults". He has also worked with people experiencing domestic violence.

Aleksandra Jędrzejowska

Graduate of the Jagiellonian University in the field of Management. She gained her experience in project coordination by working in an international corporation for 7 years and with individual clients as a Business Consultant and Soft Skills Coach. She studies clinical child and adolescent psychology at SWPS University. She is particularly interested in childhood and transgenerational trauma, stress management methods and mindfulness. She completed the MBSR course. In the Mental Health Center, she is responsible for project management and customer contact.

Anna Michałowska

Psychologist, kynotherapist, first aid instructor. For 20 years she has been involved in the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and other NGOs operating in Poland. She has experience in organizing unique events, running a press office, managing projects and teams of volunteers. She graduated with a degree in Social Psychology of Information and Communication from SPWS University and completed an internship at the Center for Social Integration in Wroclaw. She plans further studies related to psychological support and crisis intervention.

She enjoys accomplishing tasks that at first glance seem unrealistic. She is currently working with Jurek Owsiak and coordinating the activities of nearly 100 final WOŚP headquarters outside Poland, from Mexico to Indonesia. In addition, for 18 years he has been teaching first aid courses, thanks to which several thousand more people from all over Poland have acquired life-saving skills. At the Mental Health Center, she coordinates projects.

Tomasz Dąbrowski, PhD

Diversity&Inclusion expert who carries out implementations for the biggest companies in Poland. He introduced the subject of “Diversity Management” into the curriculum of the Jagiellonian University.

Vice President of the Mental Health Center and Diversity Hub. Co-creator of research methodologies (ESA – employee satisfaction, AOC – organizational culture and Diversity Audit). Expert in international research and innovation development projects in the field of people management.

Anna Zaroda Dąbrowska, PhD

Founder, CEO and Diversity Hub expert. She is a part of the Mental Health Center board. She specializes in diversity and inclusion (D&I), works mainly in the area of implementations of strategic policies and D&I projects in companies. She is the author of an international project “Tuned up! Tools Under the Need of Enhancing Diversity”. She is an expert in innovative projects devoted to intergenerational management and women’s leadership (Delphi, 2017). She conducts workshops, D&I sessions for managers (BBH; ORLEN, VW, State Street, PGE, ABSL HR Club, Sabre, McDonald's) and unconscious bias sessions (McDonald's, ING, QVC, Brainly, OLX).

She is an experienced manager, leader and Polish Businesswoman 2013 finalist. She is strongly committed to gender balance issues in business, as a WED ambassador and Grant Thornton Global Champion for Change 2019.