Best and evidence based practices

Mental Health Center began its activity as a part of Diversity Hub. Through the years, we have cooperated with dozens of organizations carrying out activities related to psychoeducation, training and team support in critical incidents. We decided to establish Mental Health Center, because we noticed that mental health has become an important issue of every organization and that it needs to be adressed with seriouse and careful attention. The pandemic highlighted those problems and people started to express their individual needs. With previous experience, we were well prepared to implement various forms of employee assistance. Due to our systemic solutions, your employees will have greater sense of security and they will receive the best possible help in the time of their life crisis.


of employees suffer from different mental problems - starting from professional burnout, anxiety and mood disorders, to bereavement, divorce or chronic illness in a family.

Managing your staff in its toughest moments decreases the number of holidays, reduces turnover, improves atmosphere in a team, sense of security and belonging, and promotes authenticity at work.

Developing resilience systemically guarantees

  • conscious employees with the ability to have proper, supportive conversations
  • developing psychological resilience on each level of an organization
  • managers trained to recognize and respond respectively to various psychological difficulties of their employees
  • a set of systematic procedures required in psychologically difficult and traumatic situations