Culture of psychological

About 20 percent of Polish citizens need professional psychological help, but as much as 60 percent will experience a crisis in their lives. In our view, everybody should be competent to provide psychological support. In the process of recovery in crisis, we rely on our own resilience but also on the help of others. We will help you build your employees’ mental resilience, develop open-mindedness and therefore the ability to talk about mental health without taboos. We will help you develop sensitivity to the signals of your employee’s crisis. We assist organizations in creating support systems.

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Collaborative working

We are emotionally, substantively and historically associated with Diversity Hub and Mental Health Helpline. Our close cooperation allows us to systemically support organizations in different areas related to diversity and mental health.

Mental Health Helpline is a team of psychotherapists, crisis interveners and coaches. Based on our best practices we provide psychological support in crises and when needed, together with psychiatrists, we conduct your employees’ psychotherapy. We provide quick access to high-quality services in the area of crisis and long-term psychological support for your staff members. Together, we propose comprehensive solutions which ultimately improve sense of security and belonging, as well as work comfort of each employee in an organization.

Our experts, coaches, psychotherapists and crisis interveners have years of experience in working for big companies and therefore can choose tools and methods that will meet your business needs.