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We organize meetings in two forms. The first one is a Task Force – meetings organized at our clients’ premises. We meet regularly and in small working groups. Task Force is devoted to a narrow subject area related to mental health. We share our good practices in open groups (up to 25-30 people) and, together with the participants, we create lists of good solutions for psychologically difficult situations. Those meetings are an opportunity to exchange experience between experts and representatives of different organizations. The second form is an open lecture – meetings devoted to psychological issues. Interestingly presented knowledge and solutions, always in a good atmosphere.

D&I Changemakers Conference 2023

Leads: D&I Changemakers Conference speakers

December 6, 2023
hour 10:00

D&I Changemakers Conference 2023 – the biggest and most significant DEI conference for business in CEE is back this December!

Find the DEI signature taste, bring people to the table, find your own socially delicious and sustainable DEI formula- sounds interesting? join the D&I Changemakers conference.
The event is scheduled for Dec 6-7 and is fully online.

D&I Changemakers is the 8th edition of the business conference entirely dedicated to the DEI topic through the systemic lens. And where the stage is completely dominated by DEI professionals. This years’ conference theme is #DEI | What`s Your flavor? which invites participants to take the perspective of an explorer of the DEI signature taste for their organization and learn solutions and best practices to bring people to the symbolic table.


The conference program covers the following topics:

  • What is on the DEI Menu? |Strategies, challenges, trends and recommendations.
  • SPECIAL BLOCKS FOR LEADERS |DEI Cooking Class| recipes for dealing with difficult situations, such as microaggressions, team members feeling excluded, supporting team members in crisis, encouraging sense of belonging, psychological safety, effective feedback, appreciation and recognition.
  • Bringing everyone to the table |Commitment, Engagement, Inclusiveness.
  • Is everyone invited? | (Dis)ability, Neurodiversity, LGBTQ+.
  • Empowering DEI Tools | DEI Teams, ERGs, Cross – Company Mentoring Program.
  • Side Event: DEI Open Space |Tackling specific DEI challenges.


Over the years, the conference has been supported by companies, HR communities, DEI influencers and partners who believe in the strategic value of DEI and prioritize the DEI business case.
D&I Changemakers is not just a conference, but a community of passionate DEI By bringing together people from diverse companies, professional backgrounds and experiences. D&I Changemakers aims to create a safe and supportive environment that encourages collaborative and inclusive discussion around DEI.

Who can attend the event?

Anyone who is interested and passionate about DEI, from DEI and HR professionals, field ambassadors and business leaders, to anyone who wants to be a better social being.
The Gold Partner of the event is Nordea. The Partners are: Cisco, HEINEKEN, Franklin Templeton, HSBC, Luxoft, PepsiCo, TikTok, UBS, Euroclear, Qurate Retail Group and Accenture.

Register here: https://events.diversityhub.org/registration-free

Event: https://changemakers.diversityhub.org

Facebook: https://fb.me/e/18SqcahEB

LinkedIn Event: https://www.linkedin.com/events/changemakersconference-forhuman7109474467629703168/

Diversity Hub: Think Tank Diversity Hub


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D&I Changemakers Conference 2022 – the most important event for business on diversity and inclusion

Leads: dr Małgorzata Wypych

December 1, 2022
hour 0:00

On 1-2 December this year, we will once again meet online at the D&I Changemakers Conference – a global event for business. The conference is aimed at top managers_, D&I/HR managers_, D&I experts_, representatives_ of ERGs, as well as anyone interested in DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion). Last year, the D&I Changemakers Conference was attended by 1,600 people from 700 different organisations, coming from more than 80 countries.

D&I Changemakers Conference 2022 is 2 days full of valuable knowledge in the D&I area: more than 10 thematic blocks and 2 debates on trends for 2023 – all from representatives and representatives of major brands from all over the world. We will also talk about D&I strategies and management, inclusive language and communication, the potential of employee networks, mental health, disability, gender equality, LGBTQ+, event accessibility, inclusive recruitment, legal aspects of D&I.

Participation is free, the event will be conducted in English.

More information and registration: www.changemakers2022.diversityhub.org

Dr Malgorzata Wypych from the Mental Health Center will give two presentations:

  • The best line of help – the most common problems and best solutions to help employees in crisises – Mental Health Helpline approach
  • How not to spoil mental health strategy


The event is partnered by the Mental Health Center.

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D&I Changemakers Conference 2021


December 3, 2021
hour 0:00
For the past 6 years Diversity Hub we have been setting the trends and sharing best-practice under the D&I Changemakers brand. We stand for premium knowledge, fresh inspirations and insightful forecasts based on research and practical experience. Clear, well-presented and inspiring content are among our event’s key advantages.
What’s the future of D&I and is it heading in the right direction? Take part in this year’s conference and find the answer with us!
One of the topic that will be discussed is:
➡️ Mental health and D&I – responsibility for mental health, limits to support, instrumentalization of mental health support, conflict between individual and company goals.
More information and registration: https://changemakers2021.diversityhub.org/
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