Added 21 March 2023

New technologies are part of our lives today and there is no turning back from it

Young people live in the world of technology, just as the older generations lived around the shuffleboard. This is their real life, not some “virtual” life. Children and young people learning technology is part of adapting to THEIR world, but it also opens the way for them to succeed (one of the ways to succeed) in this very world.

Today, unilaterally, on the occasion of the Day of New Technologies in Education, we would like to draw attention to their good sides!

  • The Internet gives young people a huge space to build social relationships, and they are the primary engine of development for young people. They can gain international contacts, learn openness to other cultures, and learn languages. Thanks to the network, young people also have constant access to peer support, which can have a not inconsiderable impact on their identity development and worldview.
  • Awareness of global challenges, problems facing the modern world – these are also issues that, thanks to new technologies, can reach young people and help build their participatory attitudes. Awareness, activity, participation in society and speaking out on issues of global importance.
  • Computer games influence the development potential of young people. They teach problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, strategy, but also foster a sense of independence. The right selection of games can influence the building of an adequate, healthy identity for the child, based on experiencing success, a sense of agency and overcoming difficulties.
  • The Internet provides all of us with constant access to knowledge, enables us to learn new information instantly, and develops our curiosity and interests. We have never had the opportunity to learn at such a pace in history!
  • Access to applications to help manage stress, manage time and work, and support relaxation or develop creativity.

New technologies can greatly facilitate our development and education, provided, of course, that we choose them reliably.

What in particular is worth paying attention to?

  • It is worth teaching young people how to select information found on the Internet and how to distinguish fake news from real news.
  • Show how the Internet and applications can be used to take care of mental health.
  • It is worth talking about computer games and taking an interest in what games they play on a daily basis.
  • And last but not least, certainly don’t forget to take care of digital security, not sharing important data and issues related to publishing one’s image online!

Let’s try to understand the world of young people, for whom the Internet and new technologies are a self-evident part of reality, which on the one hand offers a lot of new opportunities, but can also be overwhelming for them at times.

Among the lectures offered by the Mental Health Center, we have “Teenager in the World of New Technologies”, which expands on the topic of how to support the development of young people in the world of games and social media. Partial lecture offerings can be found at:

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