Added 30 October 2022


PACKAGE SELF-CARE – focusing on stress, resilience, taking care of yourself.


  • Building mental resilience.
  • How not to flatten positive thinking – how optimism, resource focus and gratitude change our brains.
  • Rituals – boring but healthy. Why does the brain like repetition and how can ritual help us get through a crisis?
  • Emotional regulation – how not to burn yourself out emotionally, what is good about emotions (also those “negative” ones).
  • Regeneration – between slave labour and zen master. Why do I find it difficult to take care of myself?
  • Overthinking – why we do it to ourselves, how to deal with worrying.
  • Good sleeping habits, how to cope with working in different time zones.
  • Complaining – what’s behind our tendency to complain, i.e. listening to our own needs (but also how to listen to others’ complaints and respond to them constructively).
  • Good habits – what is a habit and what can we do to finally succeed in making a change.
  • The inner critic – how to get rid of the devilish whispers that lower our self-esteem.



  • Building mental resilience. (for all employees)
  • Stress Tool Box. (for managers)
  • Gratitude – prevention, building physical resilience, enhancing positive emotions, self-esteem.
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