Added 30 October 2022


PACKAGE FOR PARENTS – creating a work-life balance atmosphere, supporting employees in coping with everyday problems.


  • Working parent: is there a balance?
  • Parent anger: a guide to a self-regulation.
  • Emotions big and small: how to support children in developing self-regulation.
  • Highly sensitive toddler.
  • Family boundaries.
  • Child at school: challenges, motivation, and talent.
  • Let’s do it together: preschooler fears.
  • Children and… body – how to talk to children about relationships, accepting your own body and sexuality.
  • The challenges of adolescence – emotions, school, and family on a swing.
  • Teen, games, and social media – how to accompany in the world of technology.
  • #Sexed and teens: the body, first relationships, and self-esteem.
  • Teenage and depression – what to know and how to be close in a difficult moment.
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