Added 30 October 2022


PACKAGE OCCUPATIONAL BURNOUT – for organisations that are ready to seriously address the risk of employee burnout.


  • Occupational burnout – conditions, prevention, recognition, support. (for managers)
  • Occupational burnout – conditions, prevention, recognition, support. (for employees)
  • Body and mind under stress – what happens to our bodies and why, why unwanted thoughts run through our mind.
  • The brain under stress – the latest neuroscience data on how the brain works under stress.
  • Mental resilience – what resources you need to build up to cope better.
  • Regeneration, rest, positive experiences – my power sources.
  • What hides behind the mask of perfectionism?
  • The benefits of procrastination – is it always carelessness and lack of motivation? What does resisting to do certain tasks or resenting effort and achievement mean?
  • Lack of assertiveness fosters burnout – is it easy to learn to be assertive, what’s behind it that we do not want to admit.
  • Team support – how to build an atmosphere of trust and authenticity in the team.
  • Over-responsibility – saving the world, excessive control, need to be important.



  • Occupational burnout – recognition, prevention, employee support. (separately for managers and other staff)
  • Building mental resilience.
  • Stress – tension reduction techniques, dealing with worry.
  • Assertiveness – some exercises to inspire you to work on yourself (because change is not easy, so we don’t want to promise it after one workshop).



  • Organisation scanning, tests, individual diagnosis, mentoring for managers.
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