Added 30 October 2022


PACKAGE MEN AND MENTAL HEALTH – about looking for well-being, understanding one’s own mental processes, paying attention to male mental health.


  • From boy to man – a journey through successive stages of development.
  • Why do men avoid psychological help? About the motivating dialogue.
  • Highly sensitive men.
  • Contemporary man – psychological portrait, life roles, emotions in a man’s life.
  • Autonomy, leadership, independence.
  • How to understand women – languages ​​of communication in relationships.
  • Doctor Man – Why Are Men Less Physically Healthy?
  • They say, “a healthy mind in a healthy body”— the relationship of the body with the psyche.
  • Postponing dreams – what is behind procrastination?
  • Risk-taking, competition, aggression – what does testosterone have to do with it?
  • In the name of the father and son – about the importance of the father-son relationship in building one’s identity as a man. Three generations: “me and my relationship with my father” and “me and my relationship with my son.”
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