Added 30 October 2022


PACKAGE DISEASE, DISORDER, CRISIS – a package introducing various mental illnesses, deepening knowledge on psychopathology of disorders.


  • What is normal and what is pathology – when to diagnose, when to seek specialist help.
  • Depression epidemic – what are mood disorders, can you help yourself?
  • Anxiety disorders – phobia, generalised anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, various masks of anxiety disorders.
  • Bipolar psychosis – note the unusual course. About suffering, risks and good support.
  • Personality disorders – both sides suffer when dealing with a charming narcissist.
  • Personality disorders – borderline bipolar people, causes, behaviours, support, treatment.
  • I can’t survive without you – dependent personality, when can support sustain symptoms?
  • Highest risk of death – anorexia. And about other eating disorders.
  • Sleep disorders – Poles among the top poorly sleeping nations – about changing habits and treatment of sleep disorders.
  • Sexual needs – between health, fetish and disorder.
  • PTSD – what trauma is, when is post-traumatic stress disorder diagnosed, what treatment is involved and why it is worth confronting overwhelming fear.
  • Behavioural addictions – phone, social, gaming, gambling, sex, shopping, food – when we cross the line and why we need a detox from pleasure.
  • Don’t drink? Are you ill? Alcohol addiction – a trivialised problem. About the losses, the impact on the family, the chances of recovery.
  • Schizophrenia – between not knowing, worrying, helplessness and responding well.
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