Added 22 November 2021

Supporting employee in psychological crisis

On the one hand, the goal of the workshop is to broaden managers ‘ awareness of employees’ mental health – what is mental health, how does its imbalance employees’ efficiency, and how does it affect the productivity of the entire team. What are the limits of psychological support, what and how can you avoid crossing your own and employee’s limits. The workshop will also be an opportunity to discuss the difference between organization and manager support and peer to peer support.


  • Raising awareness of the universality of psychological crises, associated emotions and potential reactions of employees and teams to crisis events
  • Developing crisis  management competences at team level
  • Ability to hold a conversation in a crisis
  • Talking about stress in social isolation
  • Broader management requiring the launch of services (police, emergency medicine)
  • Long-term support for the team after critical incidents (employee death, suicide, return after long-term dismissal due to mental problems, etc.)
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