Added 22 November 2021

Building mental resilience

When we face challenges, difficult tasks or accumulation of simple but obligatory tasks – we often think “I’m not able to do it”. Stress is always a result not so much of an objectively difficult situation as of our judgement. We anticipate that something wrong can happen, although it does not happen “here and now”. Our emotional responses to stress can come from optimism or our attitudes, analisis and automatic sentences that strain us.

How we react is due to our mental resilience, which we are lucky to develop.

The aim of the workshops will be rise awareness and practise skills that develop mental resilience:

  • Awareness of your strengths
  • Emotion regulation
  • Building optimistic thinking style
  • Analysis of the support network and own attitudes towards seeking help
  • Healthy responses to failure
  • Healthy mechanisms for maintaining self – esteem
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