Added 26 April 2023

How do you develop your mental resilience?

Imagine a tree in the wind. The harder the wind blows, the more the tree bends under the pressure of the wind. When the wind stops the tree regains its “vertical” and returns to its original shape. The only vestige of the earlier gale is the leaves that have fallen and are now swirling carried by the gusts of wind – this is a metaphor for mental resilience, which ensures that even after the greatest crisis in life, we are able to “bounce back” and return to good functioning.

People vary in their degree of mental resilience. But the good news is that we can work on our resilience and strengthen it throughout our lives.

In the mental resilience workshops (otherwise known as resilience) held at the Mental Health Center, we work on each of the key elements that build it: self-esteem, beliefs about ourselves and the world, level of optimism, how we deal with stress, etc.

However, before we start working on the individual components, it is important to realize that “we know as much about ourselves as we have been tested.” Therefore, the first most important step towards greater mental resilience is to assume that crises are part of our lives and we can not only survive them but also come out of them richer with new knowledge and competence.

Mental Health Center offers practical workshops for companies that want to support employees in developing mental resilience. Their goal is to broaden awareness and practice skills that help build mental resilience, such as, among others:

  • awareness of one’s strengths,
  • regulating emotions,
  • building an optimistic thinking style,
  • coping with one’s fears,
  • analyzing your support network and your own attitudes toward seeking help,
  • healthy reactions to setbacks,
  • healthy mechanisms for maintaining self-esteem.

A list of workshop and lecture topics for companies that would like to expand their knowledge of mental resilience and other psychological competencies can be found on our website under the “Offer” tab.

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